PsiProne (psiprone) wrote,

Happy New Year!

Just thought I'd wish all my old friends at LJ a Happy New Year! 

Plus I've been updating my websites a little bit!  
SurfOmaha has about 25 new websites added to the directory, more on the way!  Hopefully, in the midst of adding all these new sites, I can take some time to make the site a bit more visually appealing!   And my personal favorite, PsiProne's Portal, has had a few updates as well.  I streamlind some code so it loads a bit  faster now, and I may have actually gotten around to adding a couple new sites.   I do need to take sometime and remove some dead links, though.  :(   

More laterz!
Tags: niche portal, psiprone, psiprone's portal, sci-fi, search engine, surfomaha
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